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Gold is a natural yellow metal. Fine gold which is 24 carat gold is unfortunately too soft to be used in the manufacture of most jewellery. 18ct gold, 75% pure gold is a good compromise between purity and durability. It is available in a variety of colours; yellow, rose and white.

The different colours in the gold come from the various metal alloys which are combined with the fine gold. Jewellery can legally be hallmarked and sold as 18ct or 9ct gold provided the fine gold content is 750 part and 350 parts of 1000 respectively allowing jewelers to use any number of metal alloys to make up the remaining parts.

Here at LeaChi we only use the highest quality materials and the metal alloys in our gold. Our white gold is rich in platinum and palladium to attain the whitest colour possible. The colour of white gold is often further enhanced by plating the piece with rhodium, a naturally white noble metal.



Platinum is a naturally white metal with a distinctive steely grey colour. When deciding to have a piece of jewellery manufactured in platinum the purest of precious metals know that platinum is denser than gold, so a piece of platinum jewellery weighs over a third more than the same piece made of 18ct gold.

The material properties of platinum require a manufacturing process that is more costly than that for gold.

Platinum is melted and soldered at a far higher temperature than gold thus deeming some repair or resizing work trickier where intricate designs or delicate gemstones have been used in a piece of jewellery.



Sterling silver is a soft, malleable white metal whose finish will wear with you – the surface becoming slightly pitted and more textured as time passes.

For this reason we don’t recommend its use in wedding and engagement rings.



Titanium is a popular choice for gent’s wedding rings. Titanium has a gunmetal colour and is lightweight and very durable.

It is hypoallergenic and will not react with wearers who suffer allergies to other jewellery materials.

Titanium rings can unfortunately not be resized as the metal cannot be soldered.

They are only slightly more difficult to cut off in case of an emergency than for gold rings. Titanium is comparable to steel in its resistance to sawing.



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Every care is taken with all jewellery, but jewellery is accepted at customer’s risk only. We are not responsible for loss through fire, theft, burglary or hijacking in transit. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that their jewellery is adequately covered by their own insurance while in our possession