“Thks so much Leigh my bracelet really looks amazing I can’t stop looking at it and how it sparkles in the sun. U r very clever and talented” – Carol Houston

“Hi Leigh.  I just want to say a HUGE thank you for all your hard work on this ring!  I think it is more beautiful than I could have ever expected!” – Scott Osborne

“Hi Leigh. Just a quickie to say thank you so much for the super pendant you made for Allan to give me for our anniversary. Its FANTASTIC!! Just what I wanted, the exact size, shape and everything else. You really got this one spot on  – I am thrilled.” – Margaret Hirsch

“I proposed to Arusha on Friday and all went well. We both really, really love the ring, so I just wanted to complement you on your work and say thank you!!!” –  Sunveer Matadin

“Hi Leigh.  A HUGE thank you for making my gorgeous engagement ring! It’s beautiful and I absolutely love it!! I have had endless compliments about it and feel like a very lucky girl!” – Lindsay Newell

“Thnx so much, items are devine, ring fits mom perfectly. Much appreciated” – Debbie Arde

Thanks so much for your prompt reply and lovely pics! I’m so excited!” – Liza Borgen

“Thanks so much for doing the ring for us-very much appreciated! It looks stunning!!” – Pete Nicholson

“I hope I find you well!  Well I finally popped the question and Caryn was ecstatic with the ring!  (Yes she actually said yes). Thanks again for all the effort.” – Scott Osborne

“Ring arrived, looks beautiful, again thank you so much.” – Evan Coppin

“Awesome Leigh J  so pumped…just need to convince Marie to marry me now… Thanks so much for hooking me up missy.” – Bret Watson

“Thanks again I am very happy with the way it turned out. Lets hope all goes well.” – Barry Vella

“Thanks – just picked up the jewellery, love it!” – Alison Collier

“Picked up my necklace today!  STUNNING!!!  I love it!!!  thanks so so much!!!  Will be wearing it tomorrow!!!!” – Jen Symons

I collected the ring. It looks fantastic, I’m sure Leah will love it. Thank you so much for doing all of this for me. I really appreciate it.” – Grant Henman

“Hi Leigh thanx so much everything is 100%” – Jean Deysel

“Thank you so much for all your help you have been wonderful.” – Craig Leach

“I can’t get over just how helpful you are being – thanks so much for taking the time” – David Vasey

“I cannot tell you how much I love my ring….. Thank you for everything that you have done…. I can’t stop looking at it… It’s perfect x ” – Natalie Frank

“Thanks for creating such an amazing ring at such a wonderful price!” – Hayden Hartley

“Tia came back today and brought me the ring which is perfect, exactly how I pictured it.  You’ve done a great job thank you very much.” – Richard Mills

“Thanks so much for the work you did on my rings – that was very quick.  I’m trilled to bits to be able to wear my rings again. You’re a star! – Dorothe Bekker

“Thanks so much for getting in contact.  I really love Tess’s earrings and you did such a great job on them that I am keen to find out how you might be able to help me.” – Gillian Gordon

“Thanks so much Leigh! The earrings are without any doubt the most special gift my mother has received.  Suspect there will be tears of joy tomorrow!” – Di Chetwynd-Palmer

“I’ve just collected the earrings from Tia. They are stunning and I love how they perfectly match my engagement ring. They are light and fit comfortably. I also have the valuation certificate. Thank you doing such a perfect job.” – Tosca Perissinotto

“Thank you very much for all of your help. It is very much appreciated. I’m looking forward to seeing them. It’s been a pleasure dealing with YOU Leigh. You’ve made it very easy for me. I have a sister and a step mum who might also be interested in some jewellery so I’ll keep you updated :)” – Gregory oKeefe

“WOW I just picked up my bridesmaid pressies and they are GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love everything and I know my bridesmaids are going to be sooo happy with their jewelry! Thanks for all the care you put into everything. I really really appreciate it.” – Beatrice Ralfe

“Thank you so so much for coming by with Gary’s ring. I’m almost sad that they are all completed, coz I really enjoyed dealing with happy, smiley you.  I will certainly refer people to you, and if you do earings, I hope to save up enough to get diamond studs at some stage…then a diamond pendant, ONE day!” – Janene Carey

“Thanks so much Leigh. Really looking forward to it and it sounds like exactly what I intended! …… Awesome. Thanks so much Leigh. It looks awesome! Thanks a lot for everything.” – Simon Armour

“AWESOME. LOOKS GREAT. lets do it.” – Shawn Hopkins

“Whow!! its gonna be gorgeous!!she is going to LOVE it… Thanks for all your help and care with making Riaan and Steph’s dream come true!” – Charmaine Blignault

“The pieces you suggested are awesome was hoping to go for the earrings attached if you have any in stock?” – Craig Ross

“Hi Leigh. Just a big thank you for my ring! It is absolutely STUNNING, AWESOME, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much” – Kim Pumphrett

“Thanx so much Leigh, the rings are stunning! Did an eft at lunch time, should be in your acc in the next day or two. Chat soon” – Stoff Taylor

“Thanks girlfriend for awesome pendant! You’re a super duper star!” – Corinne de Rauville Richards

“A great big thank you for my necklace – I just love it! Am after a topaz ring next so will be in touch.” – Lara Vickers

“First I would like to thank you soooo much for designing and creating my beautiful ring. It is exactly what I had in mind all along. I have worn it and it felt wonderful. I really appreciate and will treasure my rings. I also want to thank you for my valuation certificate. I couldn’t believe the amount mentioned-wow! I it makes me even happier re the ring, if that is possible” – Yvonne Geyser

“Thank you!  I’m almost sad that they are all completed, coz I really enjoyed dealing with happy, smiley you.  I will certainly refer people to you, and if you do earrings, I hope to save up enough to get diamond studs at some stage………then a diamond pendant, ONE day!” – Janene Carey

“Thank you again for all your effort, your response has been so different from other jewellers, and I really appreciate it. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing you in action. Thank you so very much, we both appreciate your efforts and for getting it done so quickly” – Richard Ferguson

“Charlene told us what wonderful work you do so if you could help it would be great… wanted to let you know I got my ring from Charlene today and I love it so much!! Thank you for all your hard work and advice it looks absolutely stunning. I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait to see the wedding ring now too. I know it will be amazing! Thanks again” – Kate Seaton

“I absolutely love my bracelet. I am thrilled that I got it” – Margaret Hirsch

“Thanks so much.  I’m delighted with everything.  The ring looks fabulous” – Kim Brett


“Wow – it’s beautiful – i love it – thank you for the wonderful work” – Warren Van Rees

“I WANT IT NOW!!!!! It looks beautiful. Thank you so so much” –  Lara Gunter

“The ring looked amazing the other day… Charmaine is going to love it!” – Travis Rhodes

“I got my ring 🙂 🙂  Thanks so much I LOVE it!!!” – Candice Winterboer


“Thank you so much for your help and creativity today, I really appreciate it. Yay can’t wait!” – Ann-Phia Bosman

“Thank you so much Leigh it’s amazing and Kerrin loves it! It’s so big compared to her little wedding ring. Wish we had got you to do that. Will be recommending you to everyone!” – Nairn McIntosh

“Leigh Clark is a friend and jeweller in Durban who you could contact directly to take your needs further. She is a very experienced jeweller and I can really recommend her work as I used to sell it in my gallery if you want to get the job done in SA I am sure she can help” – Sue Greenberg

“I’ve been recommended to contact you by Sue Greenberg and many thanks for agreeing to help……. Many thanks for your email. I like your recommendation, so could I please buy the diamond you indicated… Good news, we’ve decided to ask you to make Megan’s ring and our wedding rings too… Great thanks,  you and Megan are on the same wavelength, your drawing is just what she wants….. Arrived back last night and opened the boxes with Megan.  The rings are fantastic, just how we imagined them but much better, clever you.  Very many thanks for your attentive support and consideration.  Altogether a very happy and joyful experience.  Sincerely thank you” – David Nisbet

“Thank you so much for bringing the rings to my office last week. It really took the pressure off and you went the extra mile so thank you. Thanks again for playing your part in a fantastic couple of days. It has been a special time for us and your effort is very much appreciated. We absolutely love our rings.” – Callum Boden

“Thank you so much for seeing me. It was great to chat and go through it. I loved it. I think this ring is going to look amazing…… I’m really excited about this. Yay……The ring is absolutely fantastic and it’s been such a hit, thank you again Leigh” – Guy Ranger

“Thank you so much Leigh it’s amazing and Kerrin loves it! It’s so big compared to her little wedding ring. Wish we had got you to do that. Will be recommending you to everyone!” – Nairn McIntosh

“Thanks so much for dropping Robz rings off. I really appreciate it. They look amazing” – Cliff Gilson

“I just LOVE the bracelet, thank you so much!!!” – Andrea Jamieson

“It looks fantastic. Again thanks for all the help and advice” – Jon Molyneaux

“I LOVE MY RINGS!!! So shiny and a perfect fit, I’m so happy 🙂  THANK YOU” – Kate Rogers

“Thank you so much for my AWESOME tennis bracelet – l LOVE it!” – Pippa Henderson

“You have been recommended as an excellent jeweller and one of great integrity” – Val Jansen

“I loooove my ring thanks sooo much. You are just the best.” – Charlene Mostert

“I am thrilled with my new ring!!!” – Margaret Hirsch

“Thank you very much for the stunning ring.  We are both so happy with the way it came out. Also thank you for getting it ready in time, you really came through for us” – Ken Sullivan

“Thank you for my beautiful ring, I absolutely love it!” – Carryn Vosloo

“Thank you so much the wedding band is gorgeous and fits perfectly. It complements the engagement ring so well” – Jessica Canning

“Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us after work, we so appreciate it! Thank you too for making our ring selection process so darn easy and enjoyable. I’m not a jewellery guru so I was a little nervous about making ring decisions, but it’s actually been so much fun! Thank you for making it such a pleasure!” – Carolyn McNeil

“Lovely Leigh what can I say….. You have totally outdone yourself and my ring is even more beautiful than I’d hoped. I feel ever so special and find myself mesmerized by its sparkle.  You are so clever and have totally captured what I wanted.  At last I have my grans diamond set” – Shannon Naude

“Thank you so much for the detail you have gone into, it has been very helpful and has definitely taken the edge off and been far less stressful than I thought it would be – Thank you!……..We are thrilled! Thank you so much for your help” – Kyle Lahner

“Emma loves the ring and is very very happy with the design so everything has gone very well. THANK YOU for all you work and effort, especially with the timing” – Rowan Relton

“Thank you so much Leigh! You’ve been amazing! I will highly recommend you to any friends looking to take the leap…” – Scott Spedding

“Thank you SO much for repairing my rings and bracelet so beautifully.  Gosh I have never seen them SO sparkly and look like new again” – Liz Harrison

“You made my STUNNING engagement ring, I am now looking for a band to fit it” – Belinda Love

“The ring is beautiful, and exactly as delicate as I wanted – thank you!” – Matt Pennefather

“Not sure if you remember but you made my fiance’s engagement ring late last year – she loves it! It’s good to hear that you are looking after my good friends Scott Osborne and Grant Rowley too! I’m a good customer for referrals hey 😉 Leigh we are getting married in March next year and would love to have a chat to you about making our wedding rings for us. As you know we immigrated to the UK at the beginning of the year but we are back in October for a holiday and was hoping we could get together to discuss rings.” – Brian Anderson

“A very heartfelt thank you! Ali absolutely loves her present! Thank you for talking me through it and knowing exactly what was right for her” – Mary Dain

“Just love my ring Leigh. Exactly what I wanted” – Robyn Shepstone



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